In line with the Improvement of current mining practices, the Hybrid Locomotive aims to address the growing concerns around the use of diesel driven machinery, and its emissions, in underground environments. Designed to be a suitable replacement for diesel locomotives, the Hybrid Locomotive is designed to operate without the need for battery bays, or associated infrastructure, required for conventional battery locomotives, significantly reducing the capital required for a full replacement strategy. It’s highly efficient and regenerative power delivery system, modular design and inclusion of multiple safety systems makes the hybrid locomotive a competitive replacement for conventional battery locomotives as well, offering significantly lower operating costs than that of its DC driven counterpart.

Basic Machine Specifications

Power Generation, Storage and Delivery System

Generator set:

  1. Perkins 30 kVA – Tier 4 (65 l Diesel tank
  2. Merelli Generator

Intermediary power storage and supply:
  1. LiFePo4 Battery Pack - 160 Ah – Equivalent to conventional traction battery capacity
  2. Operating voltage: 460 V
  3. Integrated battery management systems
  4. Potential operating life of 6000 cycles (current traction batteries offer 500 to 600 cycles)

Control and drive system:
  1. Battery Electric Maxus locomotive management and communication system
  2. InMotion (previously Kolmorgen) Drive Control System
  3. Kolmorgen KBM 118 400V frameless permanent magnet motors (2) with regenerative braking.
  4. Duplex chain drive – all axle drive-Continuous axle torque – 1680 Nm-Peak axle torque – 5790 Nm
  5. Carlisle, spring applied and hydraulically relapsed disk brakes 

Design Features

Design Innovation - System, Subsystem and Control

Modular design reduces downtime and maintenance requirements:
  1. Plug and play locomotive control system
  2. Maxus vehicle management provides for pre-use inspection, maintenance and operational data logging
  3. Modular power generation, intermediary storage, and delivery units provide for improved maintainability, uptime and operational effectiveness
  4. Modular design provides for removal of faulty units from underground environment during repair,improving effect of repair and maintenance

Design Innovation - Drive Efficiency

Intermediary Power Source / Maxus / InMotion /Kolmorgen:

  1. Effective in temperature ranges up to 60˚ C
  2. 85% to 92% efficient (conventional DC drive – 55% efficiency)
  3. Battery charging cycle can be completed in approximately 90 minutes
  4. Regenerative braking capacity able to recoup 30% of expended energy during operating cycles
  5. Tier 4 generating set operates at high efficiency levels compared to conventional diesel locomotives
  6. LiFePo4 Battery and battery management system present effective battery life cycles in excess of 10 times normal lead acid traction batteries at equivalent cost and greatly increased energy density
Combination of efficient power train and regenerative braking improves overall efficiency by up to 54% capital requirement reduction of 32% for battery systems.

Design Innovation - Safety

Control system (Collaboration with Battery Electric):

  1. Proximity detection system Guard Car Communication, Front Driven and Remote piloting capability
  2. Self-steering bogies reduce potential for derailment
  3. Improved axle box suspension – reduced potential for catastrophic mechanical failure or derailment
  4. Ergonomically designed cab with full air-conditioning and comfort seating.
  5. Triple laminated glass front window and tempered glass side windows
  6. Full camera system in front of loco, behind and in front of caboose.
  7. Cab occupation sensor (interlocked with control system)
  8. Door position monitoring (interlocked with control system)
  9. Seat belt (interlocked with control system)
  10. Fail-to-safe control lever with dead man switch and multiple interlocking redundancy.

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